• 9/16/23


    New Update on Omega 100 Celebration!


    Brothers booked to attend so far: (Names in green are recent adds.)


    Ahearn, Austin

    Allard, Jeff

    Beaulieu Peter

    Bennion, William

    Bianchi, Stephen

    Chrane, W. Scott

    Coughlin, Dave

    Cullinan, Timothy

    Darsie, Dave

    Davis, Frank

    Eastman, Mark

    Ekstrom, Jason
    Foster, David

    Fraser, Ben

    Frizzell, Larry
    Hardy, Dale

    Hodge, James

    James, Mark
    Jasper, Shawn

    Laliberte, Donald

    Lawrence, Shawn

    McCabe, John

    McLendon, Carl

    Mason, Jacob

    Monasky, Dave

    Morency, John

    Murphy, Mike

    Noonan, Robert

    O'Connell, Dennis
    Parhiala, Everett

    Prescott, Walt
    Radwan, Mark
    Ramsot, Dana

    Ricci, Jake
    Robertson, Ethan

    Schiavoni, Mike

    Stawasz, Chris
    Stevenson, Rick

    Stockman, Bill

    Bruce Whitcomb

    Wilkins, Ken
    Yeaton, William

    (plus several '23-'24 active brothers -- names and exact count TBD.)


    The above list will be updated here periodically as we approach next April.



    Key Reminders:


    1. Make your room reservations as soon as possible.  Phone 1-800-THE-OMNI (1-800-843-6664) or use the blue links below to book online.  Whether booking online or by phone, be SURE to indicate that you're with the AGR Omega 100th Anniversary party.


    2. Make your $50/person banquet meal deposits using the blue card that came with your Crescent in US mail....OR:  PayPal it to agr@nhcomputing.com or Venmo it to @johnmorris1075.


    3. Remember that you can also honor a deceased AGR Omega brother (with contributions of $100 or more) via that same blue card or the electronic payment options in #2 just above. Simply note the name of the brother you're honoring with your payment.


    Donations thus far, honoring deceased AGR Omega brothers:


    Jeffrey Allard - honoring Christopher Oby

    James Duval - honoring Murry Smith

    Jim George - honoring Bruce Barmby

    Dale Hardy - honoring Tom Fairchild

    Dennis O'Connell - honoring Tim Conaty

    Everett Parhiala - honoring Everett Parhiala Sr.

    Mark Radwan - honoring Jim Holter

    Carl Reed - honoring Arnold Fowler

    Douglass Ryder - honoring Haven Hayes

    Bob Silva - honoring Dennis Willliams

    Rick Stevenson - honoring Riley Heath

    Frank Todd - honoring William Houston

    Roger Van De Meulebroecke - honoring Dudley Johnson



    4. Check back here often for new updates!







    Omega Chapter 100th Anniversary - One Year Away!



    Brothers, it’s happening! By now you’ve probably heard about our huge 100th Anniversary celebration. You’ll be hearing and reading more about it as we get closer.


    We’ll be using the Crescent, outreach phone calls, email, this newly updated Omega Chapter website, our Instagram page, our AGR Omega Alumni Group Facebook page, and just about anything we can to get the word out.


    Our goals: 1) Make sure you know about it, 2) Be sure you know the details, and 3) Ensure that you’ve made your reservations as soon as possible This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime event for all Omega brothers and significant others. It’s your best chance to reconnect, share stories, and have some laughs, with the spectacular Presidential Mountain Range in your back yard. Please come be a part of something special!


    WHEN: Friday, April 19th and Saturday, April 20th, 2024

    WHERE: The Omni Mt. Washington Resort in Bretton Woods, NH. Questions regarding the Omni? Please email Shawn Jasper at jasper827@myfairpoint.net.





    To help us reach our goal please make reservations by April 30th, 2023.

    Call 1-800-THE-OMNI (1-800-843-6664).


    Be sure to mention the Alpha Gamma Rho 100th Anniversary to lock in your discounted rate.


    Book one or two nights (Fri/Sat).


    $279 per night for Hotel Deluxe Guest room in the main hotel.

    Triple rooms are $299 and Quad rooms are $319.

    Book your room at the Omni Mount Washington Hotel (one or both nights).


    $169 per night for Lodge Economy room (building close to the main hotel).

    Triple rooms are $189 and Quad rooms are $209.

    Book your room at the Lodge at Bretton Woods (both nights).

    Book your room at the Lodge at Bretton Woods (Sat. night only).


    ‚ÄčIf you have any issues using the links to book your room, please call the Omni directly at 800-843-6664.

    Room rates do not include 8.5% room and meals tax.




    Friday night, April 19th: Get together in the famous Cave bar. And later, at the fire pit.

    Saturday, April 20th: Official welcome and optional brunch. Grand celebration & banquet, silent auction, raffle, slide show, dancing and more!

    Sunday, April 21st: optional brunch and getaway.


    * * * * * * * * * *

    See the printed card enclosed with your recent Spring Crescent mailing for the following:


    SPONSORSHIPS FOR ACTIVE BROTHERS: We’re raising funds to reserve Omni rooms for our active brothers so they can attend this milestone celebration. Please use the card to help us make it happen.


    Honor a deceased brother.  We’re also happy to announce that, with your sponsorship donation of at least $100, you can choose to honor a deceased Omega brother of your choosing. Our slide show squad will produce an appropriate slide honoring the late brother. Please use the printed card enclosed with your recent Spring Crescent mailing to indicate the name of the deceased brother you would like us to honor.


    Make a $50 per person deposit for your banquet meal(s). See the printed card enclosed with your recent Spring Crescent mailing.

    Final meal cost TBD.


    PLEASE HELP! WE NEED ITEMS FOR OUR SILENT AUCTION: Please consider donating an item. Examples: Alpha Gamma Rho keepsakes, landscaping services, a weekend getaway at your vacation home, Red Sox tickets, etc. If you’re interested, call Mark Radwan at 603-759-3454 or email Mark at nhnomad@comcast.net.


    PROGRAM ADS: Perhaps you own your own business and would like to buy a program ad. Please call Geoff Carlton at 603-303-0665 or email Geoff at geoff@mv-fc.com.




    Information options available to you over the next year leading up to the event:

    This website – agromega.org/home

    The Fall 2023 printed Crescent edition via U.S. mail – October 2023

    Instagram page – AlphaGammaRho_UNH

    Facebook Group – AGR Omega Alumni